The mind and body of a child grows and develop in school surroundings. As the body grows, the soul develops. The development of child is the main motive of the school education. The school education and the educational activities aims to make children academically competent by evolving creative teaching methods, which will kindle their curiosity and in spite them to become life long learners. School educational activities aims to impart education in a manner that the students acquires virtues like humility, discipline, compassion, positive attitude and develop the urge to appreciate truth, beauty and goodness.




School Education is presently undergoing into a new perspective assessment in the form of CCE pattern for binding relationship between teaching and learning process. The pitfall in working towards assessment is that learners may concentrate simply on doing the base- millennium needed in order to achieve success. CCE fundamentally shifts the focus from testing to learning by perceiving assessment as an integral part of overall framework of teaching and learning. It brings us to the vital need of strengthening our present education system.



Early morning prayers in lush green premises of the school becomes resonant with the chanting of the Gaytri and Mool Mantras spreading the message of truth, purity, love, peace of mind. The morning assembly in our school is not omly a means of apprising the students but is also medium of imparting the right values, helping them develop deep sense of national integration and character building thus grooming not only intellectuals but truly educated future citizens. Presence of all students is compulsory in the morning assembly.