Director’s Message

"The reason for training is not to execute energy but rather to give an adjusted methodology and a multi-dimensional perspective"

Education, particularly in present day period has turned out to be extensive to the point that its limbs have come to the space, the moon and much past. At the same time, instruction establishes the frameworks of knowledge, character, identity, inward peace and satisfaction of an understudy. Keeping in view this multidimensional utility of training our school intends to convey a multi-pronged and quality instruction for a fruitful and significant life to be driven by our youngsters.

Manoj Dhamija(DIRECTOR)

We believe that “The greater the loyalty of a group towards the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the responsibility that the group will achieve its goals”. Keeping the motto to make our students utilize the acquired knowledge value skills and attitudes not only at social level and moral but also excelling them academically strong

Looking forward to working with you to prepare our children for the ever-changing global world.

Manoj Dhamija
GGS Public School.