Our Philosophy

Philosophy of G.G.S. PUBLIC SCHOOL

"Watch your musings; they get to be activities
Watch your activities; they get to be propensities
Watch your propensities; they turn into you're character
Watch your Character for it turns into your Destiny".
About G.G.S. Public School

G.G.S. Public School is run by a registered society named Super Charitable & Educational Society, Panipat. The school has three leveled spacious building which attracts the people for its impressive architectural beauty. The site provides ideal natural surroundings for the academic, physical and aesthetic development of the child. The campus of the school is spread over vast area of lush green, pollution free healthy environment. G.G.S. Public School has classes from Pre-Nursery' to XII. The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi. A co-educational school providing quality education through English medium with the background of Indian culture and heritage. The school provides a wide variety of subjects in all streams like Science, Commerce, Humanities& Computers. It has excellent facilities for academics,sports and co-curricular activities. School has spacious play ground and well trained physical instructors. The students who have potential are provided with every opportunity to excel in all spheres.

G.G.S. Public School Advantage

The evolution of G.G.S. Public School into a G.G.S. brand has been a phenomenon, synonymous with the evolution of our country into a nation. The transformation has taken long years in a short span. Long years, because every year of growth has been a very deliberated step forward. Yet, a short span, because every step forward has been achieved in much shorter time, than what such growth would normally warrant. But G.G.S. Public School philosophy has never been about normal warrants. It has always been about more steps for every step. With an inter-woven spirit to excel in each of its schools, the G.G.S. Public School network support systems are created with intent, to build-in more schools in each school. With the G.G.S. public school name, comes the strength of 150 premier schools spread across the length and breadth of the globe. It is also the strength of a deep-rooted culture, which has created world-leaders in every field. Being a world unto itself, strength also is derived from the inherent competitive spirit and the spirit to out-class the others, on an equal platform. Today's world is more about a desire to excel, than excellence itself. Where excellence can be a point of culmination, desire to excel is never-ending.